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Visions of Goldberg


Experience the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach in a new and unique way: in collaboration with digital artist Lisette Huizenga, a fascinating combination of image and music is created by means of a stop motion animation film projected as a moving backdrop on a screen during the concert. A performance, inspired by and in harmony with the music of Bach with a nod to the work of Escher, a great admirer of Bach, will intrigue and captivate the audience. In a world where everything seems to move fast, and information has to be short and bitesize, this performance offers a welcome contrast. A time out where the audience can sit back and immerse themselves in the beauty of music and art.

To fund our new project 'Visions of Goldberg' we set up a crowdfunding campaign on the website Voordekunst. The crowdfunding was completed successfully but you can still check out our page to read more about the project!

Click here to go to our Voordekunst Crowdfunding page!
To learn more about our CDs 'Celebrating Women!' &
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